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We wish to maintain your privacy and do not use any information you provide for any other purpose than to service your order.

Fill out the order form below using your mouse or tabbing from field to field.  Place order electronically by clicking the submit button below or fill out the form, print it and send it to:


Santa Fe, NM 87508

Horizon Arts .com

Phone: 408-390-0795

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 $45 each plus $8 for domestic shipping.  International shipping costs to be determined during order.
Name, Date on Stela
A Sample Stela

STELA ONLY - Names and dates on stelae: (e.g. John, 12/31/1988)
$20.00 plus $2.50 shipping

Enter a name and date




11 oz. mug with personalized stela
$20.00 plus $6 shipping

Name, Date on Mug

11 Oz. mug with Kerr rollout image
$20.00 plus $6 shipping

Kerr# (see www.famsi.com)